Jack Ma (Alibaba) in South Africa and the importance of women in today’s workplace

In a recent event in South Africa "Internet entrepreneurs: the rise of the African digital lion," Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba Group, emphasize the relevance of the female character's performance in the workplace.

According to Sina Technologies, Jack Ma emphasized in his speech that "If you want to run a great business, you have to have at least 50% female employees; in a good business, all employees are probably women.” He cited Alibaba as an example to show that 48% of employees in the company are women and 34% of senior executives are women. This is because "women have a lot of good qualities, and unlike men, they not only have to take care of their families, but also take care of their children and devote themselves to work.”he said.

Jack Ma believes that the way of business should first focus on customers, then on employees, and finally on shareholders. At present, the environment in Africa is very similar to that in China when Alibaba was founded more than a decade ago. Although everything has not yet started, it is also full of possibilities. It is very suitable to start a network business and develop e-commerce. "African women have great potential. They have strong passion and love and can do well in service."

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