Well-being of employees, a key element for corporate culture

Nina Hale, Minnesota, offered new employee benefits this summer, such as allowing employees to take a week off or work at home with their new pets that are not adapted to their new environment. The idea of leaving employees in the office is over. "Vice President Alison Mike Maimon said.

In recent decades, many American companies have radically changed their benefits to retain employees and attract new ones. Technology companies like Facebook and Google even set up self-service restaurants, work gyms and other benefits.

Last year, an Italian company allowed employees to take a vacation when their dog was sick. MParticle, a New York data company, offers two weeks of paid leave when its employees adopt a rescue dog. In May this year, Mr. Mccarthy adopted a puppy named Bentley. Mr. McCarthy immediately got the consent of his boss to work at home. Bentley, his puppy, spent several hours in the new environment, getting used to the new living environment, and being potty trained.

Alison McMayman said that in recent years, a small number of Nina Hale employees have offered child leave to McCarthy, so the company began considering it as a formal employee benefit in May, when the policy was officially announced in July.

Source: THE NEW YORK TIME (https://goo.gl/AwhZkW)

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