Because of too little rain? The number of sparrows in Hong Kong has dropped by 21%

Sparrows are the most common birds in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Bird Watching Association recently estimated that there are about 250,000 sparrows in Hong Kong, about 21% less than the previous year, which is suspected to be related to the drought in the first five months of the year.

The Hong Kong Bird Watching Association estimated that there are 252,287 sparrows in Hong Kong, less than 32,000 and 300,000 in the same period of 2016 and 17, and that the number of sparrows has also significantly decreased on more than 70% of routes.

Peng Junchao, a senior research specialist at the association, said the drought at the beginning of the year was the main reason for the decrease in the sparrows population . According to the data from the Hong Kong Observatory, the total rainfall in the first 5 months of Hong Kong is second lowest in history. In addition, dry weather also made it difficult for the birds to dig through the soil for food.

The specie of sparrow that inhabits Hong Kong is called Tree Sparrow, they prefer to live in urban areas, unlike other countries. Finally, more than 80% of Hong Kong's "tree sparrows" live in man-made buildings.

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