One of Las Vegas biggest casino company "Caesars Entertainment" has established 3 challenging SBTs for their company

Caesars Entertainment, the world's leading gambling company, operates 40 companies with 60,000 employees and is shifting to working with managing suppliers that help them drastically reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Caesars, in Las Vegas, promised to reduce its carbon emissions by 95% by 2050 compared with 2011, mainly by buying electricity from nearby desert solar farms,
  • Eric Dominguez, vice president of infrastructure and sustainable development, also mentioned in an interview with Vancouver's Sustainable Development Brand that "all of our big news are now about climate change. We stand out and take a serious stand", and Caesars has set carbon reduction targets based on science-based goals.
  • Caesars is one of the more than 400 global organizations dedicated to business leadership and climate policy adjustment through the Science Based Target Plan (SBTi), and one of more than 100 companies whose goals have been approved.

"I think we're setting a new standard for this," said Eric Dominguez, referring to the company's 3 SBTi-certified emission target. Such a commitment would help further accelerate the momentum to reduce environmental impacts, because it involves not only the scope of operations under the direct control of the company, but also suppliers throughout the supply chain. This indirect influence has also made it one of the most ambitious goals of the company.

Eric Dominguez says Caesars has thousands of suppliers, and the introduction of such commitment and sustainability processes into the entire supply chain is bound to create a bigger impact.

  • Caesars promises to reduce absolute emissions by 30% in categories 1 and 2 by 2025 and 95% by 2050, with 2011 as the base year. Caesars said that 60% of the suppliers will be operating at SBT-based GHG emissions reduction targets by 2023, based on expenditure allocation.

Hopefully this business measure applied by Caesars entertainments will be incentivizing other companies to do the same if not now in the following years. Leading by example.

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