Taiwan CEO 2018

On June 19, 2018, KPMG, an accounting firm, issued a "Prospective Survey of Taiwan's CEOs 2018", which appointed Forbes to interview 50 CEOs with annual turnover of more than $500 million (about NT $150.6 billion) in Taiwan.

Most of the CEOs surveyed came from technology (14%), manufacturing (14%), energy (14%), banking (12%) and consumer and retail (12%).

Figure 1, CEO's confidence in Taiwan's development prospects over the next 3 years

The survey found that in 2018, 56% of Taiwan's CEOs held a wait-and-see attitude toward Taiwan's development prospects in the next three years, while only 36% and 8% of the CEOs were truly confident. This year's confidence declined considerably compared with 92% of the CEOs in 2016 and 80% in 2017. CEOs are mostly wait-and-see, and their overseas investment patterns have changed considerably, with developed countries in North America as their primary market, while emerging countries in Africa and Asia are tied for secondary target market.

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